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Heaven, Hell, Ascension

Heaven, Hell, and Ascension is in the heart everyone that believes in God. It is the hope of the Christian, the hope of the Islamic Muslim, the hope of the Buddhist, the hope of the Rosicrucian, the Freemason, the hope of the cabalist , the hope of Judaism, and many other spiritual followers.

The Christian hopes to unite with their savior Jesus Christ. The Buddhist hopes to unite with Gautama Buddha, the Rosicrucian Freemason, hopes to unite with Saint Germaine. The Muslim hopes to unite with Muhammad.

The founders of these spiritual organizations are the seed masters, that have ascended to heaven, for they have escaped the tomb of the grave, and alive forever. The road to heaven is not an easy task and the requirements to get there cannot be accomplished in one life time. The human life span is too short a time to accomplish this in one life time.

Let us with open minds examine the pattern from the beginning of creation to the present time. Genesis of the bible informs us that God created Adam and Eve, man and woman and instructed them to be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth. From this point alone, it is obvious that the earth is intended to be the home base of mankind just as heaven is the home base of the angels.

The earth has been given to mankind, to cultivate it, and make use of its resources as is necessary to live on it, and it is our home. The earth, with all the plants, animals, and our solar system was not made in vain to be empty, but to be used.

As we live here on planet earth, we assume that life is a glorious paradise elsewhere, and by human nature we aspire to escape from where we are to that paradise. Many travel from one place of the earth to another region in the quest of other opportunities, with the hope of finding a better way of life. But quite often when they get there, they find that the living conditions, requirements, challenges, and demands are sometimes worse than their home they came from.

This relative position is a similar analogy between human beings on earth and our desire to travel to heaven to make it our abode. It is an ideal thought indeed, just as some Mexicans desire to cross the borders into the United States. By this comparison we know that to migrate to another country, we are going to have to learn the culture of that country, the way of life, and the language of the people of that country. When in Rome like they say you must do as the Romans do.

Similarly, from heaven’s point of view one must ask them selves the question, what kind of people are in heaven, what is their culture and daily way of life, and what is their language? Heaven is the home of the angels, just as Ghana in West Africa is the home of the Ghanaians. To choose to want to leave the earth to heaven, then you must be prepared to live like an angel. Ask your self, what is the nature of angels, what are their duties and functions, and what is their language? If you truly indeed aspire to go to heaven then make it your serious business to know all you can about angels, for it is their home. For when you get there, you will be living like them and have the duties of an angel. You will be living and working directly under the supreme boss, God, and the boss does not have room for incompetence, disobedience, disloyalty, vanities and idiosyncrasies we human beings cling to. He throws such angels into hell, which is the prison house of the fallen disobedient ones.

Make it your daily business to read about angels, learn their basic alphabets, which is Hebrew and possibly make friends with people that have good knowledge of angels. For in the end, the sincere practitioner of any kind of spiritualism wants to go to heaven. So make it your business to know of the nature of the residents of heaven, which are the angels , for after all you want to migrate into their world to live among them permanently.

It is not enough to assume that if one goes to church on Sundays, or meditates like a monk, that it is sufficient to pack up and be admitted into heaven. Let me re-iterate that the earth is the home base of human beings, just as Brazil is for Brazilians, and heaven is for the angels. But if you aspire to leave the earth to permanently relocate to heaven, then we must proof ourselves knowledgeable of the culture, language and way of life of the angels. God does not obligate human beings to leave the earth to migrate to heaven, just as there is no obligation on the people of Korea to have to migrate to China. The choice is yours, but if you choose to make that journey be prepared to live like them, speak their language, and live their culture. You will notice that anyone that seems to have a close relationship with angels have some knowledge of Hebrew, even if the person is Japanese. This manifests itself even among the Christians in the form of the so called speaking in tongues. The speaking in tongues is an ancient Hebrew language. One does not have to be fluent in Hebrew, but you simply have to know the alphabets, just as the basic English alphabets are the foundation stone of the English language.

The other level of the way of life of a people is their duties and work functions. When you decide to pack up to travel on a journey to another country, another task is to be able to work in that country. You must have a skill that fits into the workforce of that country. Similarly, the human being aspiring to go to heaven must train in the development and skills of the angels. To find employment in the country you are traveling to, you must have skills that fit into the positions of the workforce of that country. Heaven’s requirements are similar. The workers in heaven are the angels and to want to be employed into their role, we are to learn a skill that will fit into their duties. If a person has the right character and discipline, has cleansed most of their karma, and has trained themselves in the basis language and duties of the angels, and has acquired a basic skill of the angels, I will most honestly say the person is ready to be admitted into heaven, as a full time employee of God. For in the end, it is the skills you bring into their midst that will determine your qualification. It is similar to applying for a job in any country. Simply believing in Jesus Christ, or Buddha, or Muhammad, or Saint Germaine is not enough. Just as simply believing in the president of another country is not enough to be admitted into that county. It is a good starting point, but it is not enough to qualify as skills.

The earth is the home of human beings, and until a person ascends into heaven, the person keeps re-incarnating back to the earth. The risk in re-incarnation is, the person may re-incarnate back into number of possible positions, families, or status here on earth. A person at the present time may be a lawyer in China, but may re-incarnate back as a shoe maker in India. A person may be an author in Israel, but may re-incarnate back on earth as a judge in America. For the new born infant does not remember their previous skills in their prior life into their new life. And, as in infant, they start fresh with a new environment and may develop to become any number of possible human beings and character.

As an example, according to some spiritual sources, until Jesus ascended as Jesus Christ some of his previous lives were: he was Joseph, in the old testament scripture with the twelve brothers. In another life he was David, the one that fought with Goliath and became the psalmist David, and later King David of Israel. In another lifetime he was Joshua, the one that became second in command to Moses. He was in another life time Elisha, the son of Elijah. But in all those previous life times, he died as a man and was buried and had to re-incarnate. You will notice that the life of Jesus Christ has a connection to all those previous key names. Joseph had twelve brothers, and Jesus had twelve disciples. Joshua is another Hebrew name for Jesus, and Jesus even met Moses in the transfiguration. Jesus we know was said to have come out of the lineage of David the psalmist, and as David the psalmist he wrote the messianic psalms. Elijah was the re-incarnation of John the Baptist for even the scripture said Elijah will come before the messiah. Yes he did, for he was John the Baptist re-incarnated. His final life as Jesus Christ was integrated into his previous lives, so it is with all persons on earth until they ascend. The re-incarnation path is not random, for there is always a link between the present life of the person and their past life.

Ascension is not an easy task, for if a person dies for any reason whatsoever, regardless of their accomplishments, achievements, and deeds earth. Whether rich or poor and if the person is buried in the soil, that person automatically re-incarnates, unless the person ascended in that lifetime, meaning unless the person did not die to be buried in the grave. The resurrection of the dead takes place each lifetime, if the person qualifies for ascension. When a person qualifies to ascend they go through a phase of physical death, but the person is resurrected within a few hours or days with a new vital that is immortal. The person resurrects with a new vital body that is healthy, regardless of what damages that has been done to their body. This is the real meaning of being born again, to be born with as an ascended being in a life time. The ascended body can be physical just like any other physical body. It can be visible and invisible, corporeal and incorporeal to be able to go through walls. It can move through space and time, from one location to another location thousands of miles in a blink of an eye. It does not age, decay, or suffer any kind of illness. For it is both spirit and human at will. The ascended being becomes a god.

A person lives once, and they are judged in that lifetime before they die. If the person has not met the requirements to ascend, the person dies and goes into the soil, and re-incarnates back on earth. Each lifetime, is a possibility to ascend, whether it is this one or the next one or the one after that. Our choices, deeds, and qualifications including karma and dharma are included in the judgment. ASCEND or DIE to re-incarnate is the law. We must make up our minds to be here or be there. The undecided are automatically left behind.

To be resurrected from the dead is an easy task for the masters and angels to do, so if a person dies without being resurrected, then the decision has been made that the person is not ready to ascend yet. The decision has been made to allow the person to go into the soil, to re-incarnate back on earth. Each death is judgment day, whether to ascend or be left behind for now.

Think about it, if Jesus could resurrect Lazarus from the dead, don’t you think it is easy for him to resurrect each Christian that dies? Resurrecting people from the dead is an easy task for Jesus, Buddha, Saint Germaine, the angels or any of the ascended masters out there. If they choose to let a person go into the soil at death, then know that the individual has not qualified to ascend yet. It is in their power to resurrect the person from the dead, but it is not their power to decide to do so. If the person re-incarnates, the person will be faced with punishments of their own deeds from the previous life time. They do not have to go to hell to experience pain and suffering, there is an abundance of that here on earth. No one escapes karma or dharma.

Many spiritual believers at heart want to go to heaven, but it is not happening. For in the first place the doctrines and philosophies they have been taught are not correct or misunderstood. If a person knew the goal from an early age, and is taught what to do at an early age, that person will most likely live their life in such a way that they will arrive at their destination.

The concept of ascension and re-incarnation is not well explained in our scriptures and western philosophies, but well taught in the eastern philosophies such as in Buddhism, so many of their practitioners do ascend. For the lack of the same reason Christians die and they are buried, hoping they will be resurrected some time thousands of years in the future. I will explain to you the law and goal one more time. ASCEND or DIE to reincarnate is the law. A person lives once, and is judged at death, whether to be allowed to ascend or die to reincarnate. If person goes into the soil at death, the person will automatically re-incarnate regardless of whether you were poor or rich, old or young, regardless of your achievements, and accomplishments. ASCEND or DIE to reincarnate is the law.

The story is told that when Francis Bacon ascended to become saint Germaine, he faked his own death and attended his own funeral service dressed like and old woman, but he was not in the coffin. The ascended masters move among us like any normal human being, excerpt that we do not know how they look like. No one the present time knows how Jesus Christ looks like, and no one actually knows how saint Germaine, or El Moriya, or Kuthumi, or Kuan Yin, or the master from Africa (master Afra), or Melchizedek., lord Maitreya looks like.

Consider this, will you allow your physical body to go into the soil to be eaten by worms, if you are god and can create life and give life to the dead? The difference between an ascended master and an angel is; the ascended master has free will, the angels do not have free will. ASCEND or DIE to re-incarnate is the law.

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BARAKATA… May blessings be upon you
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